Distributed digital transformation, networked agency and ethics by design

Hi, my name is Ton Zijlstra.

For 20 years I have worked with organisations, communities, and governments to better leverage the digital technologies and networked methods needed in our complex world.
I've worked with governments across the world to embrace open by design, to better deal with policy challenges and enable socio-economic value creation through open data.
Through participatory narrative inquiry I help you spot patterns, opportunities and threats, where regular methods of measurement fail in the face of complexity.
With communities and networks such as FabLabs I've brought digital making to a much wider audience, and experiment with Internet of Things.

Digital transformation is not just about smart nations, cities or organisations, but very much about the networked agency of individuals and their social groups. That's why I also worked on collaborative design and making with primary school children, as well as on national data infrastructures with governments.
To bring down the thresholds of adoption for distributed technologies and networked working methods, so that more people feel empowered and digitally literate when confronting the complexity of our time.

I am available for consulting, speaking and research globally, and for project leadership and work in Europe. I'm based in the Netherlands, and work in English, Dutch and German. Contact me at ton@tonzijlstra.eu for inquiries.

For more info on my work on open data and open govenrment see my company's website The Green Land

For postings about my activities and interests read and follow my blog Interdependent Thoughts

Partners I work with for clients

Storymines makes meaningful stories sharable and relatable

With Library Service Fryslan we bring Networked Agency to local communities

My company The Green Land, a European consultancy for open data